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Jon Damiani. My mom calls me Jonathan. You can if you want to.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a tiny town called Woxall which is about 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Have you seen The Village? Then you know where I grew up.

What brought you to Fuller?

One of my undergrad profs and mentors, Dr. Dwight Sheets, is a graduate of Fuller (MAT and PhD), and when I started talking to him about he desire to pursue a seminary education, he told me I had to check out Fuller. I spent some time on Fuller’s website, read through the statement of faith, and really felt like Fuller was the seminary God was calling me to. I applied, got accepted, and moved across the country to start my degree. That was March of 2006, and I’m still here! I love Fuller!

What is your favorite…


Rocky, in this order: 1, 2, 6, 5, 3, 4


This is probably when I’m supposed to say some obscure Indie band so you know how cultured I am, but I’m just going to say U2.

Smartphone App:

Why Instagram, of course! Follow me: @jddamiani


fuller.edu (I’m contractually obligated to say this). I also waste many hours of my life on wimp.com.

TV Show:


Sports Team:

Philadelphia Eagles

Type of Frozen Yogurt:

Any type that doesn’t taste like actual yogurt or fruit

Place to eat in Pasadena:

Carmine’s… Ok, that’s in South Pasadena, so I’ll say The Kitchen.

Thing to do in Southern California:

Hike (San Gabriel trails), sun (Hermosa, Malibu, Huntington), run (Rose Bowl), music (Hotel Cafe, Wellesbourne, Baked Potato), watch (Kimmel, O’Brien, Leno), sip (Bodega, Congregation, King’s Row, Magnolia), rest (Wi Spa), people watch (Venice, Santa Monica, Laguna). Comment if you want links.

Class you’ve taken at Fuller:

Tough call. Beginning Greek intensive was the most fun, but NT Exegesis: Acts with Joel Green was the most challenging, eye-opening, and fulfilling.

If you had the opportunity to do a different program at Fuller, what would you choose and why?

I’m doing it! I did the MAT and was always fascinated by the MFT program… and now I’m doing it!

What book are you reading right now?

Right this minute, I’m taking a break from reading before Summer classes start. Most recently I read Strengthening Family Resilience.

Who is your favorite Fuller professor and why?

Veli-Matti Karkainen, for a number of reasons. His ecumenical heart. His kind and generous theology. His profound understanding of theological and biblical traditions. His ability to see the good in any theological approach. His gentle spirit. His killer accent. His fashion sense.

Honorable mentions: Marianne Meye Thompson, Joel Green, and Cameron Lee.

What is an interesting fact that most people would not know about you?

When I lived in Pennsylvania, I was an avid hunter. I slew many a wild beast.

What are the top 5 most played songs on your iTunes?

Well this is embarrassing. Vultures, John Mayer. Long Line of Cars, Cake. Belief, John Mayer. I Have a Hope, Tommy Walker. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These), Eurythmics. Huh? The Beatles made my top 25, so that’s good, right?

If you could give advice to someone who is thinking about coming to Fuller, what would you say?

Seminary is a big decision. It’s part of your calling. Remember that. Do your due diligence and research a bunch of schools. Visit if you can. Go to your personal library and grab your favorite books. Who wrote them? Where did they go to school? Your goal in choosing a seminary is to find the place where you will be challenged to grow intellectually and spiritually. Take your time to find the best fit for you. It might be Fuller, and it might not be. For me, Fuller was the right place, and I’m better for it.

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